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Best Practices

Award Deliverables

Award Plaque

This is a custom engraved plaque that has the company name and award title on it. It can be received at the awards gala or shipped to your company office. 

Analyst Quotes

The analyst quotes can be pulled directly from the award write-up and attributed to the analyst. 

Award Write-Up

This report details all of the research behind the award and why your company was selected. 

Social Media Campaign

The campaign consists of customized messages posted to Frost & Sullivan’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Your marketing coordinator will work closely to develop all social media messages and design a timeline that best suits your needs.

Frost & Sullivan LinkedIn
Best Practices LinkedIn
Frost & Sullivan Twitter
Best Practices Twitter


The e-book is an interactive online flipbook based on the award write-up.

Award Abstract

The award abstract is an aesthetically designed, one-page summary of the award criteria and overview of your company’s recognition.

Research Graphic

The research graphic is the market research displayed in a graphic-oriented piece, highlighting key statistics and the award criterion.  

Press Release

The press release is a custom Frost & Sullivan written and issued an announcement that is specific to your company’s award recognition. It is wired through PRNewswire and posted on

Highlight Reel

The highlight reel is a 30-60 second video that highlights key points about your company’s recognition.

Movers & Shakers

Your company representative will interview one of Frost & Sullivan’s industry experts about topics related to the award market via an online conference platform.

Media Kit

This is a collection of various media pieces of differing shapes and sizes, customized to your award category. 

Landing Page

The landing page is a dynamic multimedia micro-site that will be built with customized links and photos. 

Award Blog

This is an analyst-authored blog that will cover topics related to the award market, hosted on the Frost & Sullivan blog page.



A Frost & Sullivan analyst will join your hosted webinar as a guest to cover topics related to the award research.