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Recognized for

2021 Best Practices Award

Technology Innovation Leadership
Indian UPS as a Reserve (UPSAAR) for
DataCenter Applications 

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Eaton UPSAAR Award Write Up

Eaton’s industry-first UPS-as-a-Reserve or UPSaaR solution – EnergyAware is designed for data center applications that let the data center operators or organizations earn from their UPS investment controlling their power requirement.

In India, the colocation/third-party data center market is growing at a CAGR between 7% and 8%, raising the utilization levels of servers and leading to the increase in power requirements and heat levels of data centers. Data centers can support the adoption of renewable energy by reducing the volatility from using renewable energy in the power grid. EnergyAware technology is effective and can be used in any high capacity IT load whether its Datacenter or Industrial or a manufacturing unit.

Eaton’s EnergyAware UPS solution enables the data centers to contribute to renewable energy and increase the green production by providing more flexibility to the grid. With its outstanding commitment to innovation, high-value solutions, and thought leadership, Eaton Power Quality Pvt Ltd has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Technology Innovation Leadership in the Indian UPS industry as a reserve system for data centers.

Want to expand the role of your UPS,
enabling you to do more with deployed assets?

The primary role of the UPS doesn’t change, but by creating UPS as a Reserve (UPSaaR) through Eaton Energy Aware, organizations can enable Energy Transition. We are delighted that the Energy Aware Solution has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its contribution to powering Data Centers of the future.

– Syed Sajjadh Ali, Managing Director
Eaton, Electrical Sector, India

Syed Sajjadh Ali, Managing Director Eaton, Electrical Sector, India